Tuesday, October 15, 2013

the anatomy of living

Hello October, hello singapore : It's been a week since i've arrived back in singapore from china, and school starts tomorrow. Ohhhh....lord.

Sunday : i went out with my girls, the trio as usual. We told each other to wear heels because we'd never had the chance to wear them out, i was totally going to ditch the idea of wearing my 5 inch heels, (yes it's 5 inch) and go with my boots when amelia scolded me for wanting to ditch our wear heels idea and since they were already out with them, i just had to. oh the horror, have i told you i have no experience with heels i was so scared to stumble and fall when i left the house so we decided to cab to town where we had our lunch. i was getting quite used to it but it's hurts so bad, the pain is really woah ouch. also, since the three of us never made plans on what we wanted to do, so we had this impromptu idea of going to the botanic gardens. ( THE WORST IDEA I AGREED TO IN MY WHOLE LIFE) who knew we'd have to walk the whole trail of botanic gardens in our heels, their heels didn't had that much of a problem but mine was a killer. I died, period. okay i've been blabbing way too much about the heels but boy was i glad to finally have met them before school reopens.

In the past i always somehow had something that made me look forward to school reopening, this time, there's nothing.