Tuesday, September 17, 2013

State of mind.

   Just a few random shots of random things from my 5 days 4 night tour trip from Nanjing > Shao Xing > Hanzhou > Shanghai > Back to nanjing. I initially wanted to upload more interesting pictures but apparently, the internet and my laptop are totally crashing on me out here leaving me with such mundane uploadable (is there even such a word) pictures . My love for ice cream seems to be getting stronger, having almost 4-5 ice creams per day. (REALLY UNHEALTHY I KNOW) but the weather isn't helping me one bit. I need some self control. Ah.

My days here are pretty much : school - back to dorm - tryna find food for dinner - using of my lappy - study - sleep. Yes, i actually do proper studying, because there's not much form of entertainment here but weekends, i spend my time sleeping as the night before we'd polly be doing some "fun" (varies) things which involves not sleeping for the whole night.
It's almost nearing the half way mark for my OIP trip (overseas immersion programme), gotta make the best out of the next few weeks! hope everyone is enjoying their holidays! take care :) Oh oh oh and did you know snails never sleep? i just read it up just a min ago. like woaw.